Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Ten pots of marmalade, and some parsnip, Parmesan and sage bread!

As well as preparing for the meal tonight. Will post pics later .
Homemade potted shrimps( get them from friends in Norfolk,and then crush mace, pepper corns, lemon zest and chilli Pepper, and then melt some unsalted butter,and mix the spices together,and when warm pour over the shrimps.
Pigeon breasts( shot by son in law) with celeriac and potato mash, routs with bacon and chestnuts
Prosecco jelly with pomegranate seeds and oranges in the jelly, not very easy to get into the fridge one handed!
Cheeses if we have say room. Plus walnuts and Majool dates.

The kitchen smells gorgeous, all citrusy ,and I haven't made too much of a mess for once!
Must go and sit down,as I ache all over.

Friday, 27 December 2013

What did I do for Christmas?

I made the following, 
a dozen mince pies, home made pastry and mince meat naturally.plus the brandy butter sauce to go with them.
Spiced red cabbage ,and a carrot and parsnip pureé to go with the meat.
Bread sauce.  The vegetables and bread sauce went into the freezer a week before hand.
Then I did some mini crab cakes for eating with drinks before the meal, plus some very stiff pesto for spreading onto tiny pieces toasted bread, plus some tapenade .
A large terrine,pork and pancetta and chicken livers, with  sour cherries and pistachio  nuts in the mix. 
A pear cake, not unlike a Tarte Tatin, but with a cake mix poured on the caramelised pears,and then cooked in the oven in a frying pan, to be served with a home made chocolate ice cream
Finally ,chees biscuits I always make these when thre are odd bits of cheese hanging around, so they are always different! I roll them into a sausage,and thrn freeze the rolls, then there are always some in the freezer for emergencies.
Exhausted by the time that lot was done. 
Only 2 weeks  to go before the final chemotherapy! Then hopefully I will be finished with it.have had weird symptoms this time, , mouthulcers and unexplained bruising, never had THAT before.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Cinnamon bun, made from a recipe from the Guardian Cook last week.we will have it for breakfast on Christmas Day

This is now the third time I have tried to add a comment to the cinnamon  bun. 
So here goes again! I wish that they wouldn't keep on  changing their configurations. I find it so tiresome.
The cinnamon bun was tried by all the family who were here over the holiday, and their reaction was overall positive. It lasted well, I didn't freeze it, but warmed  it in the oven.
I shall definitely make it again, but reverse the ratio of Wholemeal/plain flour,as I found it a bit " worthy" 
Such a.shame that much of the luscious filling of butter ,sugar and cinnamon ended up on the base of the oven, so that when I opened the door, the whole house was filled with blue aromatic smoke!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Latest news re cancer

Will have to have 2 more sessions unfortunately,as it hasn't shrunk as much as expected.  This will take me up to Christmas ,and finish ( I hope!) in the first week of January.  To think it has almost been nine months since I was diagnosed. 
Still, I made a huge fish  pie for yesterday's lunch, and then today did a chicken dish with pancetta,garlic,and onions plus porcini mushrooms and sour cherries . Potatoes with olive oil, garlic and rosemary, and then Claudia Roden's Clementine cake ,made with half a dozen eggs, boiled and bashed up clementines, sugar and ground almonds, done in the food processor,which is so easy, then cooked for an hour in a moderate oven. With it I did a compote of clementines and  cranberries. Shared with my second granddaughter,and her friend who is at Uni here.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

One handed chopping using my trusty device

Here you can see something I use almost everyday to peel, chop and slice vegetables one handed. I got this from the hospital 10 years ago, lots of trial and error but still works well enough.q

Here's how it works:

I always lay the peeler device thing on to a damp cloth first - this keeps it firm and stops it slipping.

Impale object on to triangular spikes

Using peeler or knife to peel or slice, flipping your veg over and spiking again to peel the under side. I find it easiest using a knife. It works for most veg, but long and thin roots such as carrots and parsnips I usually cut in half first.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Cauliflower cheese,with ham and tomatoes, plus curry the curry is chicken, chickpeas and cauliflower,with red onions, garlic and ginger ,with a few cardamom pods, and mustard seeds.plus tomato passata to give colour to the Curry.

Food cooked over the past two days.

Yesterday I made a carrot cake, which I haven't done for months.

Carrot cake.

150mls sunflower oil.
125 gms  caster sugar

125 gms plain flour
Teaspoon of cinnamon
Teaspoon of bicarbonate
Teaspoon of basking powder 
250 gms of grated carrots 

Mix the first 3ingredients together, and add the dry ingredients to the wet then mix well.
Pour into a greased and lined tin, and bake at 160o for 40 minutes, 
Test for done ness. And turn out when cold.
Ice with a mix of cream cheese, icing sugar and butter,with some grated lemon zest.
The cheese makes it rather wet,so make sure you have the consistency you wish for! 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Monday, 28 October 2013

Oh rats!

You won't believe what I have done! Having to beautiful pictures of our Lunch taken by my guests, I fessed the wrong button, and ave last the lot.
 So no picture of the lamb Tagine,nor the pears in red wine with Chartreuse Ice Cream. I am so cross with myself

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Today's. cooking

Feeling rather washed out as have had Chemo three days ago,and  have the usual infections to cope with,
However it hasn't stopped me cooking this morning, I have made a massive Ragu for a bolognaise,and a lasagne, then did pears in red wine,then some mushroom soup,and finally for lunch, chicken breast stuffed with home made pesto,and wrapped in Parma  Ham,which was baked in the oven,and eaten with  a chive, and parsley mash,and creamed spinach, followed by baked apples stuffed with vine  fruits .

 Tomorrow, all being well with the mega storm, I will have three extra for lunch ,when we will have lamb Tagine,with Couscous and a salad ,plus home made multi grain bread.i made the bread last night, and the Tagine has been in the freezer for a week, so it is not really that onerous .
Then the pears in red wine with a home made ice cream.  I have used some apple purée,double cream and custard and flavoured it with Green Chartreuse, as my friends used to live in Savoie, where the liquor is made !  Cheeses if anyone can manage it afterwards..

Sorry no pictures, unless I can get one of the guests to take some tomorrow at lunch.,as I am too wobbly to hold the iPad still enough to take a photo. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The brioche.

Here are the photos of little brioches, done in muffin cases only one has last it's hat,and a larger one which has been made in a deep tartlet tin.
made on a deep tartlet tin. 


Home made pizzas for supper ,fully loaded u  with Chorizo.onions ,chillies,red pepper,and olives,not forgetting a whole mozzarella .then after  that, since I was in the mood for bread making ,I have done brioche, such an easy recipe, just about everything goes in together, 500 gms flour and salt first,a teaspoon of yeast  and the same of runny honey mixed together with 3 1/2mls of warm water,. 225 gms  of unsalted butter,softened,  plus 4eggs beaten. Mix this mess together ,and then knead for 5minutes. Let it rise for an hour or longer, knock back, and then put into whatever you think appropriate!     See the photos!  They won't go onto this posting ,which is a shame as I have given the recipe, but they are on the next posting.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Chicken curry,with Gujerati and courgette. Side dish, Raita,and w. just a simple lunch

Chicken curry ,loosely based on a Madhur Jaffrey recipe,with tomatoes and ginger , hope it  will taste good.  The  salad has chillies, mustard seeds and coriander with  lemon juice grated carrot and courgette plus some chopped  red onion. Substituted courgette for the cabbage,and just cooked it for a shorter time.

Yesterday we had more of the Porcini,and Parma Ham lasagne .unfortunately it all got eaten before I could get to take a photo!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lunch. In the garden, must be the final time this year.

 So sunny and warm,we couldn't resist coming out into the sunshine,to eat our Sausages

, garlic. Mash with onion gravy, plus peas and soya beans, boring to look at, but scrumptious none the less.
Raspberries and cream afterwards,
And have made shortbread this morning, plus a carrot cake,AND been to Waitrose.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Today's cake.

A complete make up of ingredients, but loosely asked on a Nigel Slater recipe,. I have used prunes, apricots and pistachio nuts, with ground almonds, lemon  zest and juice for sharpness,the normal 2 eggs,  and butter ,sugar and plain flour. A dense, moist cake  but very delicious. So any people through the door today, that I shall have to be making something else for tomorrow!  This is all that is left .

Friday, 4 October 2013

Lamb Tagine for lunch today.

Tagine made with.smb neck fillet,  butternut  squash, aubergine, red onion ,prunes,with tomatoes, a good teaspoon of cinnamon anpwdered ginger  and a lime for added flavour. Cooked slowly on the top of the stove, it is meltingly delicious.  Some coriander scattered on the top.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

A simultaneous cup of tea, and a Bloody Mary

Here is what I had when I got back at 6.00 p m ,having spent the day having Chemotherapy.
Pork fillet, bashed out ,with potatoes, leeks and wilted spinach. I was absolutely starving hungry.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Roast chicken!

Resplendent and 
 Dusted with Fennel pollen it definitely looks good enough to eat.  Now it is tea time. Ad I am about to ave a well deserved cup of tea, plus a piece of chocolate cake that I made this  morning. Before the chicken went into the oven.sorry the pictures are out of sync.    

So  come on, all you who read this,      loyal family, friends, Doctors, nurses, Physiotherapists, , Occupational therapists, ,Health Care workers. ,anyone. Please tell every body that it IS POSSIBLE to cook one handed ,even in the middle of having the ups and downs of Chemotherapy,and all that that has meant for me. THERE IS FAR MORE TO LIFE THAN JUST A SANDWICH 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Feeling slightly better,

So I have made a fish pie, using salmon with a sauce of mushrooms and parsley . And also an enormous Caponata, a Sicilian recipe, you cube a couple of medium Aubergines, chop 2 stalks 
 of celery, add onions,and a large de -skinned tomato plus some Tomato purée. then sweat this mixture till it is soft, then add some cider vinegar,and soft brown sugar to taste. I taste food, rather than weigh ,so it is my personal taste that's involved. I have made such a lot of Caponata so that my carer can take some for her lunch tomorrow.,when she goes and another one arrives to look after me!
So here I am, back a bit wobbly, but still fighting hard.
Please ,no more infections....... 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday lunch, having had a CT SCAN this morning as well!

As my appointment  was for 9.00, I put the pork belly in before we left for the hospital. I was finished with drinking a foul tasting liquid and going in the Scanner after 15 minutes.
When I got home  later, I put in a puff pastry tart, with pesto, bashed up carrots,some roasted cumin seeds, , goat's cheese and some   pine nuts,with a few leaves of basil scattered on the top. A few slices of poke went in the roasting tin as well.
Crunchy crackling,masses of delicious meat,  creamed spinach for contrast colour. what's not to like?  Even better was the fact that as we bought it yesterday afternoon at Waitrose it was reduced to 
£ 2.45! 
What a bargain.
I am so enjoying being back cooking at last.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Fig, Parma ham and goat's cheese for a simple supper.


Back at last!

Well, today is the first day I have really felt that things are moving in the right direction,after so many setbacks.
 I am home,  with full time care , but now I have the confidence to get on with my life again So far, on the cooking front it as been somewhat tentative, but here are some of the things I have achieved  in the past week.
Some of them I have managed while still sitting in the wheelchair, but it is rather lower than I would like, so I try to get close up to the hob,and then stand with the chair safely behind me, so I can sit if down if i feel wobbly.

I made a huge batch of Hummus,some flavoured with paprika, some of it with a little  Cinnamon, and then the rest  with lemon and coriander.
Then an enormous Cauliflower cheese,with ham and tomatoes to bulk it out. 
A Bolognese ,made with veal mince,which  gave it a gentler flavour. 
Sunday roast chicken, that nearly finished me off,it really was a bit much, bread sauce, sausages, roast potatoes ,three other vegetables,plus a French fruit tart for pudding. Thank goodness the carer could take the bird out of the oven. As it is completely beyond me ,and impossible to lift one handed! I. Have had far too  many burns from dropping things over my legs  and hand to try now. 

Triple Chocolate cake.and some cookie type biscuits.made with candied peel and bashed up chocolates thatno one   much liked.
Lemon  drizzle cake, 
And now I am about to make an asparagus Risotto , with some extra vegetables. ,beans, courgettes,and maybe peas as well.
 I have some wonderful chicken stock left from the carcass at the weekend. So I know it will taste magical.
And finally, always  looking ahead, I have ( with  the Carer's  help,she did  ALL the chopping of the vegetables) started on some Piccalilli for Christmas presents.
Finally,not forgetting the Spiced Chilli Vodka made with lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon stick, cardamom pods ,and a couple of chilies .will leave that to macerate,and have a taste in a month or so. By Christmas it should be perfect!
Not bad for a start? 
Sorry no photos, but I am certain you can imagine everything......yes there is, just before we scoffed the entire risotto, Rhiannon took the photo, not me. 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


I know those of you who read this will not believe it , but eight  weeks ago, just having returned home from Hospital, I broke my ankle in two places,and have been totally out of action ever since. First I was  in Hospital ( again) and then at aNursing Home over the past five weeks, still not home yet.
Almost THREE months away from my home,and kitchen. No hope of walking for some long time yet,let alone standing in front of the stove! 
Sometimes life can deliver a really cruel blow. Restart the Chemotherapy in early August.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cake made for staff at Oncology Ward 62

 Well. You must wonder why I am posting this . I have had two sessions if Chemotherapy already, but seem to pick  up every infection going,my immune system is so low.
. This culminated in my having FOUR simultaneous infections. And had to go to the Oncology Unit at the local Hospital, ,where I stayed for two weeks.The cake has been made this morning, before I go to an Oncology  Appointment this afternoon.  It is based on the tried and tested Mary Berry's tray bake recipe, but with the addition of masses of fresh blueberries and raspberries .my granddaughter aged 11was my helper ,and I mainly directed proceedings from my chair.
 It is to say a huge thank you to all the staff there who looked after me so well,enabling me to come home after fifteen days.
There won't be too many postings, as I am still incredibly weak, and have very  little energy!
 But I will do what I can, so keep looking !
And thanks to those who have sent messages of support, it is going to be a long haul, but the prognosis is positive, even if it hell to go through.

The onehandedcookblog returns ...albeit temporarily!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Recent happenings

Means that I will be unable to continue with the blog,as I have just been diagnosed with cancerI
I need to focus all my energies on getting fit,and anyway I don't feel much like cooking right now.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The onehandedcookblog makes BRIOCHE,

Here is my effort at brioche, I have such an easy recipe, even being one handed it is quite simpe to do.

Here's the recipe.
1teaspoon of dried yeast
500grms strong plain flour
I teaspoon of runny honey
1teaspoon of salt
4eggs beaten
150 grms soften unsalted butter
3 1/2 fl oz warm water

Mix the honey,yeast and warm water together ,and leave for ten minutes
Sift the flour and salt together,make a well in the middle of the flour
Add all the rest of the ingredients,including the butter
Knead for five minutes
Leave in a warm place to prove in a covered bowl for an hour or longer,
Knock the dough back ,and knead again,then either put in a loaf tin, or as you can see, make balls of dough,and put them not a cake tin.
Leave to prove again,then egg wash the tops
And then bake in the oven at 180o ,170o fan oven for 25 to 30 minutes ,but watch to see that it doesn't burn.
Can't wait to cut into it,and eat the first slice.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tuesday's supper.shared with four friends.

Mushroom soup, made with a pound of Chestnut Mushrooms, a handful of dried Porcinin as well and some garlic, duck stock from last week,and not much else,bar some salt and pepper. One of the guests is not eating anything with cream or butter,so the soup has the minimum of fat .it is a rich dark brown colour,and I shall just put a little yoghurt and a swirl of English Truffle Oil on the top. I found the oil in a Restaurant in Cirencester just before Christmas.
Next a Fish Pie, sliced leeks and spinach on the bottom,then Salmon, prawns and some scallops with a white wine sauce made with dIll and parsley ,and some mashed potato with grated cheese and breadcrumbs over the top. That should do the job,and keep everyone happy, also a salad if they want it.
Cheeses are Roquefort ,Manchego and a Goat log, with the last of the Cuban Guava Paste.
Then sliced mangoes, pineapple and blood orange with passion fruit juices .
I have managed to drop a PINT of DOUBLE CREAM onto the floor, it fell out of the fridge, and I am no good at juggling things onehanded! The mess was indescribable,worse even than the melted butter fiasco of last week. This time it was over the dining room carpet as well as the usual floor and walls and my trousers and shoes. I had enlist the help of a very kind MALE neighbour to clean up.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Monday's supper.

Two friends tonight, I gave them Thai Beetroot soup, a recipe that was in the Guardian a few weeks back.it is so easy,and so different from a Borsch.
You first make a broth of Thai ingredients, ginger, garlic, shallots, lemongrass, Lime leaves, chilli,and gangal,(which I don't have) so I used some TomYum Paste,which is for soup anyway.
About 500 mls of water is poured onto the previously gently fried ingredients. This broth is simmered for about half an hour, then sieved, the beetroot chopped ,and whizzed up with the liquid, and a tin of light coconut milk is added,and then finally some fish sauce,and fresh lime juice to taste. Finally some fresh Coriander scattered on the top.
It really is delicious,refreshing and definitely Thai tasting.
Then we had a sort of Cassoulet, made with duck breast, very good pork sausages ,gigantic white beans, red and yellow peppers,red onions and a tin of tomatoes, with a couple of pieces of orange peel for flavour,and some duck stock to loosen the mixture.gently cooked a low oven for an hour and a half,and severe with a purée of Celeriac.
Some good cheeses, Roquefort , an English Goat 's cheese, and some mature Gouda,
I have almost come to the end of my piece of Guava Paste brought back from Cuba by a friend, but so expensive to buy online! Far nicer than Membrillo.
Finally we ate the Apple and Pineapple Amaretto tart ,which I had such a problem making at the weekend.
A bottle of Prosecco,and an Australian Merlot during the meal.

Friday, 15 February 2013

The perils of being one handed

Today I decided to make some apple and Amaretti tarts. Then had a brilliant idea of using pineapple as well.
Everything went according to plan,until I melted the butter to brush onto the fruit in a small ramekin dish in the microwave.
Taking to out,( and far too hot) it slipped from my hand, and melted butter went all over the wall, the recipe, the work top, and the floor plus broken shards of china. WHAT A MESS,
Had to clean it up fast, before it all solidified, or I went onto the floor,or the cat cut her paws on the very sharp bits.
I shan't be doing this again in a hurry.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Obama's dinner,a late celebration.

As it is Lincoln's birthday today,and Obama is about to give his State of the Union Address, so it is a very auspicious day to celebrate.
We had Butternut Squash soup, with Basil Mayonnaise,plus the cloverleaf Cornmeal rolls.
Then baked ham ,with Sweet corn fritters, mixed vegetables ,Mangetout peas, cucumber and leeks,just quickly done in the Wok, with hot parsley sauce and a cranberry and orange relish. Finally Key Lime Pie, not that we had much room for that!
A bottle of Pink Fizz.to start,and then a bottle of Tempranillo from Spain.
I did take a picture of the soup ,with a roll beside it, but somehow it seems to have gone astray .

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday rolls

Made a start on my American dinner to celebrate Obama's second term, but postponed until this Tuesday due to heavy snow.
We will have Butternut Squash Soup, with Clover Cornmeal rolls,which I have just made. I have
followed the recipe absolutely as written by Patrica Lousada, and they look good
Certainly they have grit,which is what I suppose cornmeal does.
Then Baked Ham, with Cranberry and Orange relish, Sweetcorn fritters,and Mangetout peas with Cucumber.
Finally a Key Lime Pie.
Champagne to toast his Presidency, and then who knows? I have some Australian red which might do the trick.

Monday, 4 February 2013

The weekend

Well, strictly speaking , to include Friday as well.
Having endured the road being up for three months, I had a visit from Barry,the fish an.he had some beautiful lemon sole fillets,which were huge,so around them(and only two for lunch) I pan fried the sole,and made a vegetable Risotto to go with it. Delicious!
Then we had an icecream ,made with whipped Cream, broken up meringues ,icing sugar,and some Kirsch to taste.this was frozen in a loaf tin, which makes it easier to cut,and was served with fresh pineapple ,mango pus a few blueberries for colour.
On Saturday I had more friends round, and this to end we had a smoked Haddock Chowder,with fish, leeks,potatoes milk and parsley,plus some homemade bread.
Then more of the icecream from the day before, but this time I added some cooked plums,but they had very little flavour,so I added some frozen fruits that were in the freezer. Puréed the fruits ,and then sieved it all to make a strong flavoured sauce.
As hey had ready had a big lunch, we didn't have anything else. Just a bottle of Prsecco.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Saturday cooking.

Four for lunch today, have made a big lasagne,which I hope will be enough for teenage boys ,a dad and me,followed by an apple and Amaretto tart.
Must remember to ask one of them to take out the lasagne,as I have dropped too many on the floor ,thinking I can do it with only one hand,and it turns into a disaster,broken dish,or burned hand,or both.
I have at last boiled up the final Seviiles,which I had put into the freezer,rather than waste them by not finding time to make more marmalade.
Ths time, I have cooked with the Sevilles ,some Sicilian blood oranges,with a lemon ,and the resulting brew is a fabulous pink colour. Has made six pots.i have had such trouble this year as I wanted to make the marmalade less sweet,and of course, it wouldn't set ,twice I have had to reboil,which always results in far less jars than hoped for.
Tomorrow, two friends who share a birthday, for a celebratory lunch.
We will have salmon wrapped in filo pastry ,with a dip,and then I am trying the famous Three Bird Roast from Lidl! All the usual accompaniments ,roast potatoes and roast parsnips and carrots and then some curly kale. Cranberry and orange sauce,as I had some cranberries on the freezer
Finally ,a meringue , cream and Kirsch concoction,with fruit purée .
We will drink Champagne in their honour ,and then a Merlot from Australia.no we didn't drink that, we had a bottle of red Baumes de Venise 2007,and very good it was too!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

I am such an idiot.

Today ,as I can't get out due to the snow, I thought I would make some flapjacks.
Plenty of Muesli and porridge oats, and some dried fruits as well.
Everything was going according to plan,and I was just putting the mix into a tray,when Mike,my Physiotherapist arrived.
Since I wanted to UT the flapjacks not the oven,I decided to scatter one pumpkin seeds over the top, but I took out Kalonji seeds,BLACK ONION SEEDS INSTEAD.
Too late,as I couldn't scrape them off,so it will be interesting to see if anyone notices a strange flavour. You can clearly see the seeds.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Saturday evening.

Four friends for a meal this evening, and we had....to begin with ,two bottles of Prosecco,with various nibbles, and then
Asparagus Risotto,with a wolf Blass Chardonnay,then Venison Casserole, found the recipe online Della's "venison with pickled walnuts." The meat was marinated in Guinness and Oloroso Sherry (the recipe said Port,but I didn't have any ) for almost two days,
and then cooked with garlic, onions and herbs,using the marinade as the liquid. Cooked in a low oven for almost three and a half hours. With that ,we had red Cabbage, broccoli and Anya potatoes,which I love, their knobbly shape and interesting shapes me a contrast to the pieces of meat.
As Delia said , it was unctuous and utterly delicious.

As one of the group is a Vegetarian, I made her some stuffed Courgettes,with aubergine, peppers ,tomatoes and capers,with some. Bread crumbs to bind it together,and some Dukkah scattered over .they were baked in the oven with a little tomato sauce.
To drink ,two bottles of 2005 Minervois from the Langedoc .
The cheeses were made by some gorgeous Guava jelly( similar to Membrillo) but given to me by a friend recently returned from Cuba.
Finally there was a Creme Brûlée ,with Clementines and Raspberries underneath the custard..
With that we drank a half bottle of Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, absolutely delicious. I also made some dates in coffee and cardamom,with some little walnut biscuits and Greek Yoghurt.
Now I see what we ate, I realise there were a awful lot of walnuts......
By midnight I was knackered.
A lot of clearing up still to be done.
And I made nine pots of marmalade in the morning,or rather I had to reboil some that I had made the night before which hadn't set,as I was trying to cut down on the amount of sugar
Finally,and I almost forgot, but my football crazy family were here for lunch as well.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Cherry and Polenta cake.my first posting for this new year.

Made for friends who I will be visiting this afternoon.
With apologies for the lateness of this Debbie,but I didn't forget .
Cake made from a recipe in Sainsburys Magazine.
Made with polenta, ground almonds,cherry compote and all the usual stuff .