Thursday, 7 May 2015

Today I made a chicken dish with a 3 Cs sauce,

The sauce,
  And The 3Cs are .....
Cashews, coriander and chillies!

Firstly I sweated a couple of onions, 2latge cloves of garlic till they were soft. Then added the cashew nuts, and cooked them all together for about 6 minutes. 
A large handful of coriander leaves and stalks, plus some Turkish Chilli flakes, salt, and the juice of half a lemon.
Blitzed the lot together,and since it was a bit stiff, added enough water to loosen the mix.
Added the previously cooked chicken pieces, heated them through,and served with another slice of lemon on the side, plus a scattering of Chilli flakes on the top.
It was quite delicious. 
Definitely make it again.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Almost forgotten how to blog!

There hasn't been much that I felt was interesting enough to put up, but today I have four for lunch,and we are having rack of lamb, with potatoes, carrots,creamed leeks and French beans. Just enough mint to make a mint sAuce, then a pudding made this morning. 
A fatless sponge, with cream and raspberries on the top. It's a sort of birthday cake,as there is an imminent birthday this week. 
Well I suppose that will have to do, it's all wonky, but it's very simple anyway. At least it is the right way up!
With the lamb we are drinking some Crozes  Hermitage,2008, brought here by my wonderful goddaughter who lives in France.   Just put in the lamb, ready for 1.00 p m as long as they arrive in time.