Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sunday lunch, having had a CT SCAN this morning as well!

As my appointment  was for 9.00, I put the pork belly in before we left for the hospital. I was finished with drinking a foul tasting liquid and going in the Scanner after 15 minutes.
When I got home  later, I put in a puff pastry tart, with pesto, bashed up carrots,some roasted cumin seeds, , goat's cheese and some   pine nuts,with a few leaves of basil scattered on the top. A few slices of poke went in the roasting tin as well.
Crunchy crackling,masses of delicious meat,  creamed spinach for contrast colour. what's not to like?  Even better was the fact that as we bought it yesterday afternoon at Waitrose it was reduced to 
£ 2.45! 
What a bargain.
I am so enjoying being back cooking at last.