Saturday, 22 September 2012

Other people's recipes.

This week I have been using recipes from other sources rather than mostly out of my head.
I have bought Paul Hollywood's book How to Bake,and made three things from it. I love his blue eyes!
First, Flatbreads ,this same recipe was also featured by Nigel Slater, which I filled with chopped spring onions and mozzarella ,then cooked in a pan rather than in the oven, then a marble cake that surprisingly uses strong bread flour in the mix, and some Raspberry Muffins, which were delicious.
Tonight I have done Hugh FW's vegetable chilli,(recipe in today's Guardian) for my supper and will have the rest tomorrow with a friend.
Finally I tried Lorraine Pascal's zebra cake, but must have read the recipe wrongly as it was far too wet a mix, and therefore didn't rise up as high as it should have done .
However it looked a bit like hers, and even with only one hand that works, using a teaspoon to put the batter in the tin , it still came out in many layers when it was cut into , and I gave this to my granddaughter to take to back with her to University.
Things don't always go as one would wish them to.
Finally I used the last of a pot of basil to make pesto, it was enough to fill a medium pot, so that waits in the fridge to be used very soon,covered with a slick of oil to stop it oxidising and going dark .