Saturday, 28 January 2012

The perils of being onehanded

Deepest gloom!!  I was s having  my family for lunch and had made a large lasagna.  Put it on a tray to get it into the oven, and ,yes,youv'e slipped and shattered on the floor. Broken glass, wet lasagna, mess everywhere, and there I was ready dressed to go to a Memorial Service with them that afternoon . 
Fortunately a neighbour was at home, and she very kindly came and cleared the mess off the floor , before the family arrived. We had to eat a takeaway.Not what I had anticipated at all.
Today, for a surprise Birthday party I have made a
Meringue Roulade, filled with lemoncurd and passion fruit cream and fresh fruit. 
This was OK, but I managed to get an egg on the worksurface as I was trying to separate the eggs. As there were so many egg yolks,I decided to make some lemon curd whileI was doing the Roulade. I found it tricky to roll the Roulade, probably because I was trying to do 2 things at once.
Maybe one day I will learn not to do this.  
No unsalted butter for the lemon curd , but some in the freezer, so I put it in the Microwave, and didn't realise that the paper was metallic! A flash of bright white light, and a loud pop...... and a nasty smell.However, it still seems to work.

Far better was Thursday when I had 2 dear friends to lunch for their birthdays,(both on the same day, AND  their wedding Anniversary too)  We had Pheasant Pate,with a small salad,and some chilli jelly , and then I cooked Jamie Oliver's
Salmon  fillets wrapped in Proscuitto  with Py lentils ,and wilted spinach. Served with some plain yoghurt,and herbs, I used flatleaf Parsely, Chives ,Dill and the last of some GreekBasil all chopped fine and added to the yoghurt. They passed on the cheeses,which were a selection of Goat's cheese,and we had Coffee Jelly, topped with Dates infused with Coffee and Cardamom,and a  blob of clotted cream underneath the dates. They loved the jelly, which I have done before,and there's a photo to prove it  further back in the blog..

Tomorrow I shall make some Soda bread I think.