Friday, 6 September 2013

Back at last!

Well, today is the first day I have really felt that things are moving in the right direction,after so many setbacks.
 I am home,  with full time care , but now I have the confidence to get on with my life again So far, on the cooking front it as been somewhat tentative, but here are some of the things I have achieved  in the past week.
Some of them I have managed while still sitting in the wheelchair, but it is rather lower than I would like, so I try to get close up to the hob,and then stand with the chair safely behind me, so I can sit if down if i feel wobbly.

I made a huge batch of Hummus,some flavoured with paprika, some of it with a little  Cinnamon, and then the rest  with lemon and coriander.
Then an enormous Cauliflower cheese,with ham and tomatoes to bulk it out. 
A Bolognese ,made with veal mince,which  gave it a gentler flavour. 
Sunday roast chicken, that nearly finished me off,it really was a bit much, bread sauce, sausages, roast potatoes ,three other vegetables,plus a French fruit tart for pudding. Thank goodness the carer could take the bird out of the oven. As it is completely beyond me ,and impossible to lift one handed! I. Have had far too  many burns from dropping things over my legs  and hand to try now. 

Triple Chocolate cake.and some cookie type biscuits.made with candied peel and bashed up chocolates thatno one   much liked.
Lemon  drizzle cake, 
And now I am about to make an asparagus Risotto , with some extra vegetables. ,beans, courgettes,and maybe peas as well.
 I have some wonderful chicken stock left from the carcass at the weekend. So I know it will taste magical.
And finally, always  looking ahead, I have ( with  the Carer's  help,she did  ALL the chopping of the vegetables) started on some Piccalilli for Christmas presents.
Finally,not forgetting the Spiced Chilli Vodka made with lemongrass, ginger, cinnamon stick, cardamom pods ,and a couple of chilies .will leave that to macerate,and have a taste in a month or so. By Christmas it should be perfect!
Not bad for a start? 
Sorry no photos, but I am certain you can imagine everything......yes there is, just before we scoffed the entire risotto, Rhiannon took the photo, not me. 

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