Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hereis the finished ( and ready) meal!

The salads ready for eating,  Peperonata, Caponata, tian of Aubergines,courgettes and tomatoes and a green Bean,Mangetout and courgettes ,the courgettes done in ribbons ,dressed with Olive oil and mint.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Mediterranean feast.

I haven't been in the kitchen to cook for ages it's been too hot, but today, as it's far cooler I have had a burst of energy,and made some Peperonata, some Caponata and a Provençal Tian of Aubergine, onions ,courgettes and tomatoes.
Now I am going to try and take a picture of the Tian( which I haven't made in years) before it goes in the oven.
I sautéed some red onions, a clove of garlic and the chopped aubergine in olive oil,till it was soft but still recognisable, then sliced tomatoes and Courgettes thinly to cover the top. It will go in the oven for the final cook,when the topping of vegetables should be soft. I have taken done of the peel from the Courgettes,it is not an easy thing to do onehanded,as the peeler kept on peeling my nails,and I don't want nail parings in the finished dish.
The Caponata is the usual Sicilian dish of Aubergine, celery ,tomatoes, capers, olives and pine nuts, stewed with a little oil,salt , and white wine vinegar,and a spoonful of sugar . Some flat leaf parsley will just go on the top for colour and flavour.
 Sicilians sometimes add a spoonful of sultanas as well, but I think that makes it too sweet .
Then the Peperonata is just tomatoes, red peppers or a mix of yellow and red , with chopped onion,a little garlic,and  gently cooked on the hob till the tomato juices have evaporated almost to nothing. 
Leave to get cold. Now I have three Mediterranean dishes , I shall have to ask somebody to come  and eat  it all.
The two pictures show first the caponata,without the capers or parsley as I have had to send a friend out to get me some capers ,just when I thought I had everything! 
 The second one is the Tian before it goes into the oven. 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tuesday lunch.

Now this seems the wrong way round!  In case you wonder what on earth this is.... Salmon,with a tomato and garlic sauce, plus Chinese elements.,sesame oil, sesame seeds and some teriyaki marinade fish sauce, sesame, rice wine and a little salt and sugar. Then fried,and garnished with the tomato sauce, Mangetout pease,broad beans( which I had picked for me by friends at the weekend,and I podded  them, and removed the skins myself) and a few spring onions for garnish. 
We will have Jersey Royals potatoes,and I have done a huge plate of grilled vegetables, courgettes, aubergine,and red peppers,which can either be before ,or with the fish.
Finally I have made an Apricot Frangipane Tart which I had already put into the dining room.