Friday, 27 April 2012

Forgot to write about dinner two days ago.
First we had some Caponata made with red and yellow peppers,tomatoes and sliced onions.
Then we had the last game bird still in the freezer,a Mallard duck,very small ,just enough for two.I pot roasted it in some red wine and onions some
celery and a few baton some streaky bacon over the breast to stop it drying out too quickly.
This was in the oven for just under the hour plus some new potatoes previously par boiled and then smashed and the resulting potatoes roasted in some goose fat.They were really delicious,and i had never done them like that before Some lightly cooked spinach was all we needed .
Then I stewed some plums with Star Anise and a little sugar and white wine and served them with some Greek Yoghurt to which I added some dark soft brown sugar,it tasted of caramel.
In all, a good evening meal!