Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My croissants, but not as quite good as Paul Hollywood's .

Needing lots of time,which I ran out of last night,so continued this morning.
Here they are, much smaller than the ones he has made, but they look OK. I had to roll and fold them so many times, but maybe that's because I am doing this one handed Have frozen the rest of the dough for another time,there seems to be an awful lot still to use.
A mess in the kitchen ...

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Saturday morning and it is only 10.15

Already made a carrot and orange soup,and now feeling retro,I have made what my Godmother always described as" super delicious Rock Buns".Plus a batch of shortbread ,which is so popular, it never lasts more than a day or two. I must make some for Christmas,to give away .
Now I have some game casserole to do,as a busy week ahead means I must do some serious planning ....friends will be staying,and not much time to be in the kitchen.
Monday morning sees another friend here for some pre Christmas cooking. She will do a chiffon pie, I will do a Yule log and some Tuilles,and we will probably do more .
Watch this space.

Monday and shared cooking.
I have made Tuilles,see picture,and a Yule log,which I cut half so we could share it, and Elizabeth has made a Chiffon pie,which took ages,and in fact the pastry was still,warm when it was time for her to return home. So it went off in two ,the chiffon in a plastic container,the pastry ,naked as it were. To be combined when she gets home.
The Tuilles were a devil, the oven was too hot at the beginning so the first lot were burned, but they still tasted good, far better results the second and third tries. So good, that I have eaten most of the burned ones......
And no, we did not manage anything else.

For our lunch we had smoked mackerel pâté ,then a recipe from Jamie Oliver's 15 minute Cooking, ricotta fritters in a tomato garlic, and porcini mushroom sauce, which was delicious, except I forgot the basil that should have gone onto it at the end. Finally ,my easy lemon cream pot, whipped double cream, the same amount of Greek Yoghurt,plus some home made lemon curd folded in at the end, with some biscuit crumbs I used some Cantucci crumbs, but sometimes I use Amaretti crumbs scattered over. This can be frozen ,which makes a great standby pudding,as long as you take it out in time,and it isn't rock hard when you want to eat it.
Plus a glass or two of Rioja of course.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday lunch

Plum cake, served warm with Greek yoghurt and plum and apple sauce.
Plus mushroom and leek soup with homemade parsnip bread. Followed by Dover Sole pan fried with potatoes, sliced leeks and baby tomatoes, basil and chives snipped on at the point of serving. Made a red pepper sauce, which I managed to spill most of it onto the work top just after I had blended and sieved it. The stick blender fell over and knocked the jug over as well.
The trials of being a one handed cook!