Sunday, 27 October 2013

Today's. cooking

Feeling rather washed out as have had Chemo three days ago,and  have the usual infections to cope with,
However it hasn't stopped me cooking this morning, I have made a massive Ragu for a bolognaise,and a lasagne, then did pears in red wine,then some mushroom soup,and finally for lunch, chicken breast stuffed with home made pesto,and wrapped in Parma  Ham,which was baked in the oven,and eaten with  a chive, and parsley mash,and creamed spinach, followed by baked apples stuffed with vine  fruits .

 Tomorrow, all being well with the mega storm, I will have three extra for lunch ,when we will have lamb Tagine,with Couscous and a salad ,plus home made multi grain bread.i made the bread last night, and the Tagine has been in the freezer for a week, so it is not really that onerous .
Then the pears in red wine with a home made ice cream.  I have used some apple purée,double cream and custard and flavoured it with Green Chartreuse, as my friends used to live in Savoie, where the liquor is made !  Cheeses if anyone can manage it afterwards..

Sorry no pictures, unless I can get one of the guests to take some tomorrow at lunch.,as I am too wobbly to hold the iPad still enough to take a photo. 

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