Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Home made pizzas for supper ,fully loaded u  with Chorizo.onions ,chillies,red pepper,and olives,not forgetting a whole mozzarella .then after  that, since I was in the mood for bread making ,I have done brioche, such an easy recipe, just about everything goes in together, 500 gms flour and salt first,a teaspoon of yeast  and the same of runny honey mixed together with 3 1/2mls of warm water,. 225 gms  of unsalted butter,softened,  plus 4eggs beaten. Mix this mess together ,and then knead for 5minutes. Let it rise for an hour or longer, knock back, and then put into whatever you think appropriate!     See the photos!  They won't go onto this posting ,which is a shame as I have given the recipe, but they are on the next posting.

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