Saturday, 26 January 2013

Saturday cooking.

Four for lunch today, have made a big lasagne,which I hope will be enough for teenage boys ,a dad and me,followed by an apple and Amaretto tart.
Must remember to ask one of them to take out the lasagne,as I have dropped too many on the floor ,thinking I can do it with only one hand,and it turns into a disaster,broken dish,or burned hand,or both.
I have at last boiled up the final Seviiles,which I had put into the freezer,rather than waste them by not finding time to make more marmalade.
Ths time, I have cooked with the Sevilles ,some Sicilian blood oranges,with a lemon ,and the resulting brew is a fabulous pink colour. Has made six pots.i have had such trouble this year as I wanted to make the marmalade less sweet,and of course, it wouldn't set ,twice I have had to reboil,which always results in far less jars than hoped for.
Tomorrow, two friends who share a birthday, for a celebratory lunch.
We will have salmon wrapped in filo pastry ,with a dip,and then I am trying the famous Three Bird Roast from Lidl! All the usual accompaniments ,roast potatoes and roast parsnips and carrots and then some curly kale. Cranberry and orange sauce,as I had some cranberries on the freezer
Finally ,a meringue , cream and Kirsch concoction,with fruit purée .
We will drink Champagne in their honour ,and then a Merlot from we didn't drink that, we had a bottle of red Baumes de Venise 2007,and very good it was too!

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  1. All looks fab as ever, would have like to see the cooked lasagne and then eaten it!