Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tuesday's supper.shared with four friends.

Mushroom soup, made with a pound of Chestnut Mushrooms, a handful of dried Porcinin as well and some garlic, duck stock from last week,and not much else,bar some salt and pepper. One of the guests is not eating anything with cream or butter,so the soup has the minimum of fat .it is a rich dark brown colour,and I shall just put a little yoghurt and a swirl of English Truffle Oil on the top. I found the oil in a Restaurant in Cirencester just before Christmas.
Next a Fish Pie, sliced leeks and spinach on the bottom,then Salmon, prawns and some scallops with a white wine sauce made with dIll and parsley ,and some mashed potato with grated cheese and breadcrumbs over the top. That should do the job,and keep everyone happy, also a salad if they want it.
Cheeses are Roquefort ,Manchego and a Goat log, with the last of the Cuban Guava Paste.
Then sliced mangoes, pineapple and blood orange with passion fruit juices .
I have managed to drop a PINT of DOUBLE CREAM onto the floor, it fell out of the fridge, and I am no good at juggling things onehanded! The mess was indescribable,worse even than the melted butter fiasco of last week. This time it was over the dining room carpet as well as the usual floor and walls and my trousers and shoes. I had enlist the help of a very kind MALE neighbour to clean up.

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