Thursday, 26 April 2012

What's in my fridge today?

When I looked in there,I found half a piece of Celeriac and half a large leek plus some Mangtout peas which definitely needed eating up.
Peeled the celeriac and some potatoes and put them to boil then sliced the leek finely,and added some to the potatoes and celeriac before I mashed the whole lot up.
Briefly stir fried the Mangtout , plus the remaining sliced leeks, then browned some Hazelnuts in a little oil and grated some orange rind.
Mixted that together plus a splash if fantastic Orange Balsamic Vinegar over the top,and I expect you've guessed.... Some chilli flakes!
Now I will take a picture of it ....

Today's wonderful smoothie

Is a mix of the following.....
One banana half an orange,quarter of a cucumber plus a stick of that I added some left over stewed plums and of course ,some water to thin it down.
Result? Rather insipid looking colour, but the taste is fresh and interesting,the stick blender was struggling a bit with the cucumber and celery, but I had chopped them beforehand into little pieces.