Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Monday, 28 October 2013

Oh rats!

You won't believe what I have done! Having to beautiful pictures of our Lunch taken by my guests, I fessed the wrong button, and ave last the lot.
 So no picture of the lamb Tagine,nor the pears in red wine with Chartreuse Ice Cream. I am so cross with myself

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Today's. cooking

Feeling rather washed out as have had Chemo three days ago,and  have the usual infections to cope with,
However it hasn't stopped me cooking this morning, I have made a massive Ragu for a bolognaise,and a lasagne, then did pears in red wine,then some mushroom soup,and finally for lunch, chicken breast stuffed with home made pesto,and wrapped in Parma  Ham,which was baked in the oven,and eaten with  a chive, and parsley mash,and creamed spinach, followed by baked apples stuffed with vine  fruits .

 Tomorrow, all being well with the mega storm, I will have three extra for lunch ,when we will have lamb Tagine,with Couscous and a salad ,plus home made multi grain bread.i made the bread last night, and the Tagine has been in the freezer for a week, so it is not really that onerous .
Then the pears in red wine with a home made ice cream.  I have used some apple purée,double cream and custard and flavoured it with Green Chartreuse, as my friends used to live in Savoie, where the liquor is made !  Cheeses if anyone can manage it afterwards..

Sorry no pictures, unless I can get one of the guests to take some tomorrow at lunch.,as I am too wobbly to hold the iPad still enough to take a photo. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The brioche.

Here are the photos of little brioches, done in muffin cases only one has last it's hat,and a larger one which has been made in a deep tartlet tin.
made on a deep tartlet tin. 


Home made pizzas for supper ,fully loaded u  with Chorizo.onions ,chillies,red pepper,and olives,not forgetting a whole mozzarella .then after  that, since I was in the mood for bread making ,I have done brioche, such an easy recipe, just about everything goes in together, 500 gms flour and salt first,a teaspoon of yeast  and the same of runny honey mixed together with 3 1/2mls of warm water,. 225 gms  of unsalted butter,softened,  plus 4eggs beaten. Mix this mess together ,and then knead for 5minutes. Let it rise for an hour or longer, knock back, and then put into whatever you think appropriate!     See the photos!  They won't go onto this posting ,which is a shame as I have given the recipe, but they are on the next posting.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Chicken curry,with Gujerati and courgette. Side dish, Raita,and w. just a simple lunch

Chicken curry ,loosely based on a Madhur Jaffrey recipe,with tomatoes and ginger , hope it  will taste good.  The  salad has chillies, mustard seeds and coriander with  lemon juice grated carrot and courgette plus some chopped  red onion. Substituted courgette for the cabbage,and just cooked it for a shorter time.

Yesterday we had more of the Porcini,and Parma Ham lasagne .unfortunately it all got eaten before I could get to take a photo!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Lunch. In the garden, must be the final time this year.

 So sunny and warm,we couldn't resist coming out into the sunshine,to eat our Sausages

, garlic. Mash with onion gravy, plus peas and soya beans, boring to look at, but scrumptious none the less.
Raspberries and cream afterwards,
And have made shortbread this morning, plus a carrot cake,AND been to Waitrose.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Today's cake.

A complete make up of ingredients, but loosely asked on a Nigel Slater recipe,. I have used prunes, apricots and pistachio nuts, with ground almonds, lemon  zest and juice for sharpness,the normal 2 eggs,  and butter ,sugar and plain flour. A dense, moist cake  but very delicious. So any people through the door today, that I shall have to be making something else for tomorrow!  This is all that is left .

Friday, 4 October 2013

Lamb Tagine for lunch today.

Tagine made with.smb neck fillet,  butternut  squash, aubergine, red onion ,prunes,with tomatoes, a good teaspoon of cinnamon anpwdered ginger  and a lime for added flavour. Cooked slowly on the top of the stove, it is meltingly delicious.  Some coriander scattered on the top.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

A simultaneous cup of tea, and a Bloody Mary

Here is what I had when I got back at 6.00 p m ,having spent the day having Chemotherapy.
Pork fillet, bashed out ,with potatoes, leeks and wilted spinach. I was absolutely starving hungry.