Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New iPad,so trying to find my way round it!

Having a. New machine to write on is qiuite a challenge. I still haven't worked out how I put photos onto it, but I'll get there soon.
I made a great chicken and leek pie last week, using fill pastry. Rather than shortcrust
Tomorrow I'm doing a fish pie, using salmon, seabream, cod and smoked haddock ,in a slightly cheesey sauce and with spinach leaves added to the sauce. mashed potato with lots of chives,a salad, and then sliced strawberries and mango,as one of my friends has given up puddings(except for fruit)for Lent.
In the evening, 2 more friends come for supper,where we will have braised pork with of onions and red cabbage,probably with some carrots for colour.
I might try to concoct some Filo baskets with smoked salmon,cream and egg yolks,they would be nice made in muffin cases.we will see.
Apologies for no pictures, but hope that you understand!