Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Feeling slightly better,

So I have made a fish pie, using salmon with a sauce of mushrooms and parsley . And also an enormous Caponata, a Sicilian recipe, you cube a couple of medium Aubergines, chop 2 stalks 
 of celery, add onions,and a large de -skinned tomato plus some Tomato purée. then sweat this mixture till it is soft, then add some cider vinegar,and soft brown sugar to taste. I taste food, rather than weigh ,so it is my personal taste that's involved. I have made such a lot of Caponata so that my carer can take some for her lunch tomorrow.,when she goes and another one arrives to look after me!
So here I am, back a bit wobbly, but still fighting hard.
Please ,no more infections.......