Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Cinnamon bun, made from a recipe from the Guardian Cook last week.we will have it for breakfast on Christmas Day

This is now the third time I have tried to add a comment to the cinnamon  bun. 
So here goes again! I wish that they wouldn't keep on  changing their configurations. I find it so tiresome.
The cinnamon bun was tried by all the family who were here over the holiday, and their reaction was overall positive. It lasted well, I didn't freeze it, but warmed  it in the oven.
I shall definitely make it again, but reverse the ratio of Wholemeal/plain flour,as I found it a bit " worthy" 
Such a.shame that much of the luscious filling of butter ,sugar and cinnamon ended up on the base of the oven, so that when I opened the door, the whole house was filled with blue aromatic smoke!

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