Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Obama's dinner,a late celebration.

As it is Lincoln's birthday today,and Obama is about to give his State of the Union Address, so it is a very auspicious day to celebrate.
We had Butternut Squash soup, with Basil Mayonnaise,plus the cloverleaf Cornmeal rolls.
Then baked ham ,with Sweet corn fritters, mixed vegetables ,Mangetout peas, cucumber and leeks,just quickly done in the Wok, with hot parsley sauce and a cranberry and orange relish. Finally Key Lime Pie, not that we had much room for that!
A bottle of Pink Fizz.to start,and then a bottle of Tempranillo from Spain.
I did take a picture of the soup ,with a roll beside it, but somehow it seems to have gone astray .

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