Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Ten pots of marmalade, and some parsnip, Parmesan and sage bread!

As well as preparing for the meal tonight. Will post pics later .
Homemade potted shrimps( get them from friends in Norfolk,and then crush mace, pepper corns, lemon zest and chilli Pepper, and then melt some unsalted butter,and mix the spices together,and when warm pour over the shrimps.
Pigeon breasts( shot by son in law) with celeriac and potato mash, routs with bacon and chestnuts
Prosecco jelly with pomegranate seeds and oranges in the jelly, not very easy to get into the fridge one handed!
Cheeses if we have say room. Plus walnuts and Majool dates.

The kitchen smells gorgeous, all citrusy ,and I haven't made too much of a mess for once!
Must go and sit down,as I ache all over.

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