Friday, 27 December 2013

What did I do for Christmas?

I made the following, 
a dozen mince pies, home made pastry and mince meat the brandy butter sauce to go with them.
Spiced red cabbage ,and a carrot and parsnip pureé to go with the meat.
Bread sauce.  The vegetables and bread sauce went into the freezer a week before hand.
Then I did some mini crab cakes for eating with drinks before the meal, plus some very stiff pesto for spreading onto tiny pieces toasted bread, plus some tapenade .
A large terrine,pork and pancetta and chicken livers, with  sour cherries and pistachio  nuts in the mix. 
A pear cake, not unlike a Tarte Tatin, but with a cake mix poured on the caramelised pears,and then cooked in the oven in a frying pan, to be served with a home made chocolate ice cream
Finally ,chees biscuits I always make these when thre are odd bits of cheese hanging around, so they are always different! I roll them into a sausage,and thrn freeze the rolls, then there are always some in the freezer for emergencies.
Exhausted by the time that lot was done. 
Only 2 weeks  to go before the final chemotherapy! Then hopefully I will be finished with it.have had weird symptoms this time, , mouthulcers and unexplained bruising, never had THAT before.