Sunday, 13 December 2015


This is what I have made for my family over the past couple of days.

Cheese biscuits...Around 5 dozen,as they always disappear fast. 
one lot quite hot, with chilli, and the other I put chopped black olives in the basic cheese mix. They are really delicious. Made with the left over scraps of cheese, and equal amounts of flour and butter,and various seasonings, depending on how I feel, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, chopped nuts, chilli flakes,
or whatever.           Somehow the photo of the apple and pineapple cake has come here, so sorry!

3 & a half dozen  mini tartlets 
filled with goats cheese, pecans and spring onions . The pastry is made by melting butter stirring that into the flour ,and then adding the white of an egg, which makes the pastry very soft and malleable, so pressing the pastryinto the tiny tins one handed takes quite a while. 

A dozen mince pies , home made mincemeat, and a short pastry with orange zest and juice for flavour. 

Sticky toffee pudding...need I say more? 

Caramelised Apple Pudding. 
Make the caramel, exactly as if one was doing a tarte Tatin, but cover the apples with a batter,rather than pastry. It's still in the oven, so I can't see if it has worked.
Oh rats! The Apple has stuck to the pan, so now it's an apple and pineapple upside down cake,as I have caramelised some  slices of fresh pineapple, put them on the top ,and it now looks even better. 

A fruit cake,
 made with apricots, dried mango, sultanas and marzipan. I used spelt flour rather than the wholemeal stated, so it's quite gooey! The marzipan( which I bought) exploded inside the cake, so there are lots of little eruptions in unexpected places.

And I made some chocolate discs, quite thin with ginger, or dried fruit on the tops. 

Later on, I shall do a main course for both families ... But not yet
And anyway, I need to do some replacement shopping! I'm right out of so much !   
Now for a cup of tea, and at last, a well deserved sit down. 

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