Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Damson gin.

Today I have bottled up the Damson  Gin that  I set to seep back in late August. 
Only made 4 bottles of 125 mls  though.
 However , I had the damsons ,and made some damson chutney with them. One red onion, finely chopped, a good pinch of salt, the same of mixed spice, pepper,and a shake of Turkish Chilli peppers., they are not too hot,and add a  warmth to the mix. Let it all soften in the pan with the fruit, add cider vinegar to just cover the mixture, and enough sugar to taste. I never like an over sweet chutney, and as usual, the picture is somewhat lopsided. It has made 2 jars. 
plus a little Olive oil, then added vinegar  and sugar to taste. I don't want it too sweet. 
Will keep till Christmas easily.  

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