Sunday, 31 January 2016

Salmon cured my way.

I have been given some sea salt flavoured with smoked Apple wood, and brought back from South Africa by friends. 
What to do with it? Quite strong tasting,  so I was inspired to try a type of gravad lax ,using the salt,and some other flavourings. 
Grated orange rind,and  Rosemary sprigs. And of course, some sugar.
I bought a tail piece, which on reflection,was not the right cut, since it doesn't give much area to slice. 
Scattered the orange zest over plus a couple of rosemary sprigs, then salt and sugar mixed together, and the salt /sugar mix over both sides. 
Then I wrapped it as tightly as I could in cling film, and then in foil. Put it in the fridge on a plate with a weight on the top. ( I used a 1kg bag of sugar wrapped in a plastic bag) I then turned the fish daily for 3 days, and was amazed at the liquid that came out. 
Today I have taken it out, rinsed off the excess salt ,and tried to slice it, but it had shrunk somewhat, and being onehanded, it was quite difficult to slice. So I haven't posted a picture ,as there is so  little! 
Only enough for canapés , but I will do it again, it's promising. 

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