Monday, 29 August 2011

The spinach Roulade.

Well, I have uploaded the 2 pictures, but ,where ARE THEY?  This I find so dificult
Here goes. we had melon and Parma ham to start with ,(easy)
Then the roulade, which I made in the morning.

4  large eggs
Spinach cooked ,drained and chopped,about a small bagfull  I then made a thick white sauce ,flavouring it with grated nutmeg,salt and papper.
 For the filling.  I used  I Trout, and  choped Prawns and some mushrooms which I had sauteed in butter and a small glass of sherry  When cool, add half the white sauce plus some Ricotta and a spoonful of Creme Fraiche to make a  mixture soft enough to handle
Separated the eggs, not an easy task onehanded!
The yolks into the food proscessor with the other half of the white sauce, the spinach,and some grated parmesan.
Whip the whites till stiff,and fold them into the mixture. .
Then pour into a swiss roll tin that has been lined with greaseproof paper .
Bake in a hot oven(180o) for 15 minutes till firm to touch ,and browned,. then remove from the oven tip it onto another piece of greaseproof paper under which you have put a tea towel. Peel off the paper,let it cool,and then fill  with whatever you want. I have used red onions.,smoked haddock cheese sauce...
Roll carefully away from you . It helps if you cut the edges before you roll it.

Then afterwards  we had baked white nectarines with Amaretti biscuits and chocolate crumbled into the cavity where the stones were. I poured a little rose wine around them and they were in a medium oven for about 20 minutes, till they were soft,but not falling apart;. no picture,as we ate them to quickly!

Absolutely delicious.
Sorry I have got the pictures round the wrong way.....and after the pudding..

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