Saturday, 30 April 2016

2months have gone by!

The reason I have posted nothing, is because on 8th of March I fell and broke my  ankle AGAIN.  The same one I broke almost 3 years ago, it's really weak because of the stroke now nearly 12& 1/2 years ago.m 
Ever since  that day  I have been incarcerated in Hospital for over  5 weeks, and now I am in a rehab home, getting used to walking with an enorous heavy boot on the broken foot. 
I have to say, I can walk far better than the first time, as by 8 weeks then I was still using a hoist to be moved around,and definitely couldn't walk .
Now, with  an elbow crutch I can walk short distances.
The best news is that is I'll  be going home on 4 th May!
So it will be back at the stove very shortly. 

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