Sunday, 9 December 2012

Weekend cooking.

Why haven't I any pictures? Because almost everything cooked has either gone off to the family,been frozen or been eaten.and what have I to show for it all?
Burns on my finger, getting a cake out of the oven, and the biggest bruise you have ever seen on my leg, from walking into the door of the oven,which has a very sharp corner.
I made loads of cheese biscuits. Now frozen
A coffee and walnut cake with American frosting,eaten yesterday with the family.
A savoury cake, with sundried tomatoes, capers and basil as well as cheese in the mix.very good for an aperitif with a drink. Frozen, and waiting for Christmas.
Dan Leopardi's Pistachio and orange Stollen,wrapped and put away for nearer Christmas.
An Amaretti and apple tart,which went to the family and was eaten last night.
Then a chocolate and fruit cake,so heavy with fruit that it will have to be eaten with a spoon.
I think I shall serve it as a new version of Christmas Pudding
That just about covers it, I am exhausted

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