Monday, 3 December 2012

Just to let you now that I have not been slacking.

A very busy weekend with guests who arrived on Thursday
So we had......
Smoked mackerel pâté ,pork with prunes in a cream sauce,celeriac and potato mash and sliced leeks. Some cheese .
Friday saw a salad of spinach, blue cheese ,pears and avocado for lunch,
and in the evening I made a Fish soup with home made Rouille, then Game casserole with Carrot and parsnip mash and green beans, followed by Clementine and orange jelly with mango topping and the Almond Tuilles , cheese ,all English a Stilton,a very tasty Cheddar and some Goat's cheese , plus of course, copious glasses of wine ,both red and white
We had home made croissants for breakfast, then Saturday lunch with some of the family here as well was a simple dish of leeks wrapped in ham in a cheese sauce .
Sunday I cooked blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and then in the evening ( with more guests) we ate a crayfish salad with a spicy red cabbage and carrot slaw and thinly sliced apple ,followed by a mushroom risotto with truffle oil,and. Some rocket scattered over the top, which I have to say, was delicious. I made some ciabatta,which was enormous,must have put too much yeast as it almost hit the top of the oven.
The fridge is filled with little containers of all I have to do is eat them, and NOT throw any away.

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