Friday, 13 January 2012

Time for marmelade

How has it come round so fast?
I have been assisted by a good friend,and she has done the boring part.....purchashing the fruit and sugar for me.Now I must find enough jars ,and then start     .
Made a brilliant sandwich yesterday, very seeded  bread, one slice with Philadephia cheese spread over it, the other with Marmite,and the filling ,DRIED CRANBERRIES .  Really good, I love a combination of both sweet  and sour, and the cranberries were more on the sharp side of sweet, making it even more tasty.

Well ,the marmelade is made, 14 pots , but \as I like my marmelade sharp rather than overly sweet, some of it  did not set, so I had to reboil 2 lots as it was still too liquid.
 In so doing, I lost around a pot and a half overall ,which was most annoying! I find cutting up the fruit one handed very time consuming as one can imagine.     Ha, no wonder it went wrong, it was Friday the 13th!

However, I  have done some other bits of cooking that may be of interest
I made some leek and potato soup, to which ,after blitzing I added RAW SPINACH. The colour was amazing.  As the soup was just off the boil, the spinach blended well,and it had a really good flavour
 Also I had some Mangoes left from Christmas, which were never going to ripen ,so made them into  MangoChutney.
I cut them into small pieces, put them into some cider vinegar,with some onions, a few spilt  cardamoms, nigella seeds and some coriander seeds, finely sliced root ginger and salt. Boiled this up and then ,when the fruit was softened, added sugar to taste,and cooked it until the mixture became jammy. then potted it up.
I have left it for a few weeks to mature, so hope it tastes as good as it smelled.

Just tasted it yesterday (the 27th jan,) and it was yummy... Try it ,it's so  easy to do.

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