Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The photos surprising ,as I have had my goddaughter and her childfen for lunch, and I'm not totally in control!

First up you can see the potato pea and goat's cheese with mint  tart, and then the coffee jelly with Greek yoghurt and cardamom spiced dates , Sorry that they have come after I have written all about them on the last least you can see  them.
 Also forgot to say that with the pheasant left from dinner last week, I made some pate,
Pheasant Pate
left over meat from the birds,  plus
Some cooked chicken livers, some streaky bacon,some ham, the left over chestnuts, a little fresh  thyme then seasoning, plus dried ginger, and allspice, and some sloe gin. All put in the processor, and whizzed up with some butter ,and some clarified butter on the top. We had this today, 4 days after making ,and it was extremely delicious.  I hate to waste anything. 
At lunch we drank a combination of Prosecco and Campari plus Red Martini Vermouth,with ice and a slice of orange     It's rather like a Negroni, but not quite so alchoholic( I hope) and a Rose wine from California. No wonder I keep making mistakes!

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