Sunday, 26 July 2015

I need to be inventive!

As last night some of my family came  down for the night on their way to catch a ferry in Plymouth to Spain .they brought with them much of their produce from their allotment, mainly COURGETTES!
I had friends for supper on Ftiday,and had cooked steak with Chirimchiru sauce,which is garlicky and hot, 3 cloves  of garlic chopped, ,3 spring onions chopped, flat leaf parsley, thyme,and oregano all chopped fine, then the juice of 1& 1/2 lemons, a slug  of Balsamic Vinegar, chilli flakes and smoked paprika and then mixed together . After  an hour you add enough Olive oil so that the mix is covered. Leave at room temperature till needed. 
Well of course I had masses left over, so the first thing I have made with some  of the  Courgettes is a sort of omelette ,with grated courgettes, a good tablespoon of the Chirimchiru sauce,a couple of chopped spring onions , lots of fresh mint, basil and parsley, to which I added an egg,and a tablespoon of flour. Cooked the sauce and onions first ,and then mixed in the rest.    Here it is.....tastes quite good surprisingly. 
 Next I have made some Raspberry jam, fresh as can be. And sieved  some raspberries to make a sauce which has gone into the freezer for another time.
Now I just have to  think of recipes using more courgettes.   
 Most probably a chocolate & Courgette cake, which is moist ,and you cannot tell there are vegetables in it.  Also courgettes in rosemary and cream,a lovely recipe from Jane Grigson's Vegetable book,  and then  a courgette soup., perhaps courgette and cheese scones? At least it's healthy,and organic!.  They  also brought me some sorrel  from which I shall make a sauce to have with salmon, it has a unique taste, not to everyone's liking though, being very tart,and as my mother used to say " takes the skin off your teeth".

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