Monday, 11 August 2014

What to make with egg whites.

I had a couple of egg whites in the fridge from a sauce  that only used the yolks.
So I beat  them up ,intending to make some meringues. Unfortunately there must have been some egg yolk in there  ,as they simply refused to firm up, by which tine I had already added some caster sugar.
I am loath to throw anything ,what to do with them? 
Added about 150 Grammes of dark chocolate which I had melted in the microwave,and then beat in just under half a pint of double cream. 
The result is velvety and not too strong. It shouldn't need further attention,except to eat it! 
When it has  firmed up I shall take a photo of it.
Just the right thing to eat when the rain is pouring down.

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