Monday, 18 August 2014

Today's salad , tomato,chilli, red onion chickpeas and Feta., with masses of basil and mint.Plus some blackberry liquor made last night.

Apologies for the out of focus photo.
 The salad has chopped red and orange tomatoes , marinated with olive oil and lemon juice, the red onion and chill are chopped finely. Then the herbs (lots of basil and mont ) are added when you want to eat, and the Feta cheese scattered on the top. With the remaining chickpeas, I made some hummus, but everyone knows what that looks like  the only difference was that I put lime juice instead of lemon juice. It is just so Moreish......
The Creme de Mûres,  I took some  very overripe blackberries , slowly simmered them, and added sugar to taste, then about a wine glass full of red wine,plus a small shot of Brandy ,I simmered it till it had
reduced and thickened slightly ,then bottled it. 
It has made 250mls, not much,but a little will go a long way.  Now of course, the bottle is  the  first picture instead of the salad.. Must remember to ask my grandchildren how to rectify this!

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