Saturday, 19 April 2014


Well, here it is, a disaster as far as I am concerned as I broke the cake cutting it in half,and the put the ganache on when it was not quite set enough,so some of the decorations have slid at an alarming angle.
I am also making a rhubarb and strawberry fool. Have glazed a ham for tomorrow, using a glaze of marmalade,grainy mustard and Demerara sugar. Can't lift it as my wrist is now too weak, so thank goodness for family who dropped by !
Then I am doing sauces for a friend who is having a party tonight to celebrate her birthday, 70 people, and I will make a herb sauce ,using parsley, dill,watercress,  tarragon and a little mint with a mayonnaise base , and an avocado and spring onion sauce with crême fraiche and Greek yoghurt, both to have with the salmon steaks that she is cooking. 
Next treatment at Oncology is on Tuesday,

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