Tuesday, 23 October 2012

For vegetarians Don' t read the following post.

Last week it was very definitely time to pluck the pheasants that were hanging in my shed for four days, since it was unseasonably warm they certainly needed doing.
Imagine if you can.
I am sitting outside in the drizzle at a table with some warm water in a bowl beside me,and the bird inside a binliner which was inside an old washing up bowl, which was on my lap.
Now to start. One handed. Not easy!
The first bird was easy, but the second one not so, and I ended up with feathers everywhere . However I HAVE actually done them, even though I had to joint the second bird.
I did not take a picture if this!!

Today I have been using up bits that were in the fridge.i made a sauce of half and onion, some soft tomatoes, ditto three mushrooms plus garlic, herbs, some red wine( naturally) chillies and smoked sea salt, finally adding some bits of German Smoked Ham.
Then I soaked some noodles and mixed them into the sauce, hey presto. My improvised supper

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  1. that is so like my kind of fav food, hate plucking birds , recently having to do pigeons, warm and with an audiance of children!!! I only breast them now a days ummmm with blackberries and cassis!