Sunday, 7 October 2012


Here are the chillies that were brought back from Italy. tomorrow I shall make roasted chilli jam, a recipe given to me by someone in South Africa.

Here are three of the nine jars made just now. The chillies were a complete nightmare to peel, even though I had put them under the grill to blacken the skins. They are also fiendishly hot, I had streaming eyes,and had to enlist a friend to help peel them ,as with only one hand I kept on getting chilli flesh all over my hand, not a good idea!
The jam is first blitzed in the processor then white wine vinegar added and finally dark brown sugar and white sugar . This is boiled up until it reaches setting point . However, I do have dinky little jars for them. The three are on a side plate, so you can tell they are very small. Shall I dare give some as Christmas gifts?

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  1. Looks great, hope there's still some left by Christmas time! - Rob