Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday evening curry feast .

I am completely into curries, so here is what we ate
Alloo bonda. A cooked potato with chilli
And mixed spices in a chick pea flour batter and fried, a bit like a pakora. See picture three.

Kofta, minced meat, roasted spices cinnamon stick,cloves,cardamom,and
peppercorns. Then ground with roasted cumin and coriander seeds plus quite a lot of chilli powder, and mixed together with 3 tablespoons of plain yoghurt and some salt. This was made into torpedo shapes rather like a rugby ball. Then fried in sunflower oil till brown and then braised in yoghurt some tomato passata and water for half an hour. See picture two.

Then a fish curry, salmon and prawns with courgettes and coriander and coconut milk, lemon grass, and a little chilli, a much milder curry. Picture three shows this
I also made a cucumber raita,and some Dahl .made with red lentils fried garlic and tomato.

Finally , but the FIRST picture you see there is a picture of it all on a plate, at the beginning of this posting .0ops I forgot, I made a carrot salad as well, with fried mustard seeds, lemon juice and salt added to the grated carrot.
Now feel so full up, that I don't need anything else at all . even tomorrow.
Apologies for the order of the pictures
But you get the idea.

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