Monday, 16 April 2012

Questions answered

I have had some readers of this blog ask me the following questions...
How do I beat batter?
That sounds a bit like a tongue twister!
I have a bowl with a handle, which is so useful,the weak hand supports the handle of the bowl ,which is resting on a damp cloth to stop it slipping.then I can beat away, either using an electric hand whisk, or a balloon whisk,which is VERY TIRING.
getting the batter from the bowl to a tin is mostly messy, you must try and keep the bowl steady,while you scrape out the mix. Chocolate brownies are the messiest!

How do I make ice cream?
I usually use my stick blender,with the mixture (not too much at a time, or it will go all over everything) Or else I use my Magimix,with the usual blade attachment,and freeze it for an hour until it starts to crystallise ,when I remove it from the container,and give it another beating,and then freeze again.
A very good ice cream can be made with the same amounts of double.cream and Greek yoghurt, you beat the cream till it holds it's shape, then fold in the yoghurt,and add your chosen flavour
Lemon curd, a thick fruit purée ,or anything you think would taste delicious..
it dosen't need beating at all, and freezes beautifully, but do remember to take it from the freezer a good hour before you want to eat it!
Another method is to make a cooked meringue,which when cool is folded into some lightly whipped double cream,and again flavouring added at the end. this method also has the added advantage of not needing beating


  1. Hi Jill, I just wanted to say thank you for such a useful and entertaining blog. I am about to have my arm operated on and won't be able to use my dominant hand for months. I was worried about cooking, but am now very inspired!

    1. Hope you continue to read this! Just try things out, there are bound to be some strange happenings,just take care with heavy pans and hot/boilingwater or oils. Good luck.Jill