Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Why can so few people let me know they read this?

It really is annoying, as I know that there are quite a few ! I have lots of positive and enthusiastic emails, but only 4  of you have cracked how to give me a response on the blog, and so it looks as if no one read it.
Maybe you must have a gmail account in order to reply?
Buliders have finished, their work and  laid a screed for the floor, telling me it will take 3 days to harden off, and so Sybil walked all over it during the night, and now  it looks like a battlefield!
Only 2 more weeks to go (weather permitting) and then it will be finished,so here's hoping. It's now raining....

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  1. I found your blog when searching "one handed cooking". I'm teaching my daughter how to cook, and she has use of one hand and her left arm can be assistive. Since I haven't done any one handed cooking, I'm stumped on how she would mix batter and then left the bowl and scrape it out. Any hints? I haven't had time to read your whole blog, but I will work my way through it. She had a brain tumor as an infant -