Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Next week's talk to 150 at the Bristol Area Stroke Foundation meeting

Getting my  head around what to make the night before so that they realise that I can actually cook!
Most likely Ishall do a huge onion tart, something from a French cookery book that will cut easily into pieces, a sort of savory cake;  and the maybe stun them by rolling up (one handed of course) a swiss roll.
I shall take mostof the equipment that I use daily except the magimix!
 Last week I found some sweetbreads in teh freezer that I bought at least 2 years ago in Norfolk when I was staying with some great friends. When thawed they needed blanching ,and some sinewy bits removed ,but I do remember my mum taking a long time to prepare them when we had them at home.maybe these had been cleaned more than in the past?
I first gently fried in them butter,then simmered them in stock with onions carrot celery and garlic, next thickened the whole thing with a little flour and then some  Philadelphia  cheese just to enrich the sauce. A small packet, costing £2.00 lasted me 2 meals .Very economical,and delicious  but I know that the thought of sweetbreads,being young animals "bits" is an anathema to some!  Sorry about that ......

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  1. Dearest Jill, you will impress them, I already know. But, nothing Italian???
    p.s.: we might have a surprise brewing up for Christmas ... I won't say more for now.