Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How I open a bottle of wine.

Yes I know, unscrew the cap!  However I frequently have bottles with real corks in them ,or worse still, the dreaded plastic cork.  I use a simple 2 armed corkscrew, put the screw just into the cork while standing up( greater purchase on the cork ),then I sit down and put the bottle on the seat of the chair and resting between my knees.,so that I can grip  it firmly. Then unscrew the cork, placing my fairly weak right hand on the wings of the opener, and pull down. Usually the cork comes up quite easily, but sometimes the plastic one proves harder to remove. Then I am left with the cork in the corkscrew, so I grip the cork between my teeth, and rotate the corkscrew anticlockwise, and  Lo and behold ,it comes free, enabling me to open another bottle..... and another.....

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