Saturday, 6 August 2011

Using things up.

Today I seem to have loads of vegetables, so I decided to make a Ratatouille,with these ingredients.
1 stick of Celery,1Aubergine1 Red Pepper,3 Large Spring Onions and 2 large Tomatoes,quartered .I also had a cauliflower lurking in the fridge, so I broke off some florets,and added them to the other vegetables for the last  6 minutes of cooking,so they still had some crunch left
Just a little oil ( in fact I used the remaining oil from the jar of sundried Tomatoes ) and salt and Pepper .
As I also had some plain flour that needed using up,  I made a FOUGASSE ,an easy sort of flat bread
I rarely weigh things accurately ,so I tipped the flour in a bowl ,added a shake of dried yeast,some sugar and salt, and then some warm water ,then kneaded it for about 5 minutes until it was elastic, and then let it rest in a covered bowl . One handed kneading is ultra messy! I get dough all crusted on my fingers.
Then I added the sundried Tomatoes from the jar that had been ages in the fridge,plus  the oil,and herbs that were at the bottom of the jar.  Covered it with oiled cling wrap, and left it for half an hour  formed it ,and made slashes in the top,stuck a few olives over the top too,and then a sprinkle of sea salt ,then cooked it in a hot oven for 20 minutes.
 It came out a bit overdone, but tasted good when eaten with the Ratatouille, over which I had crumbled some Feta cheese,and scattered the chopped tops of the spring onions over the lot.

I have bought a camera, and now need to work out how to get the photos into this blog!  Why does being one handed AND LEFT handed make things so difficult? Needless to say, Ru has helped me..thank goodness.

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  1. That sounds great Jill, especially the bread. Yum.